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2002 Summer Championships - Schedule Index
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Rules ,Late Qualification, Entry fees and closing date entries,Stabling fees, bedding, Ponies for Sale, Flu Vaccinations, Gates and Wristlet Office Opening times. CLEAR ROUND JUMPING
Prize Money, Awards, Trophies, Clashing of classes. Splitting of classes, Declarations, Method of Judging.
Eligibility & Qualification requirements.
Spring Championships
Time Table Tuesday
Time Table Wednesday
Time Table Thursday
Time Table Friday
Time Table Saturday
Desert Orchid Blue Riband Classes & Champ.
Legend Blue Riband Classes and Championship.
Blue Riband John Peel Classes and Championship.
Blue Riband Lead Rein & First Ridden & Championship and Blue Riband 122 SHP
The Packard Bell Challenge Classes, Championships, Supreme Championship and Method of Judging.
Champion of Champions Show Ponies and Show Hunter Ponies
Champion of Champions WHP & Supreme Champion of Champions Championship.
Champion of Champions Cradle Stakes and Nursery Stakes.
Champion of Champions Lead Rein and First Ridden
Premier League - Red Division
Premier League - White Division
Premier League - Blue Division
Premier League Supreme Championships
Premier League Area Team Competitions
Cradle, Nursery and Tiny Tots Stakes and Mini Supreme
(HOYS) WHP classes & Champ. Open WHP Classes & Champ.
Supreme WHP Champ. Towy Valley Maurice Award and Scottish & Welsh Awards & Rest. WHP classes and Champ
Novice WHP classes and Championship and Pretty Polly WHP classes and Championship & Pretty Polly Supreme.
Performance WHP classes.
Inter Country WHP Team Competition
Lead Rein classes and Championships
First Ridden classes.
(HOYS) Show Pony classes & Championship, Open Show Pony classes and Championship
Supreme Show Pony Championship. Supreme 133 and 143 SP champ., Rest. S.P. classes & Champ.
Novice Show Pony classes and Champ and Young Show Pony classes and Championship.
Pretty Polly Home Produced Show Pony Section.
The Dennybeck and Show Pony Classic classes & Championships and Rules
1st.Pony SHT.,(HOYS) S.H.P. classes & Champ. and Open S.H.P. classes and Champ.
Supreme S.H.P. Championship and Restricted S.H.P. classes & Champ. and Novice SHP classes and Champ.
Young S.H.P. classes & Champ and Pretty Polly SHP classes and Champ.
SHP Classic classes and Championship
Intermediate classes & Champ.and Supreme Championships
Horse Section- One Man Working Hunter and Novice Working Hunter
Associate Horse Classes and Champ.
Heritage Mountain and Moorland Classes
Heritage Area Teams
Side Saddle, and Anglo & Part Bred Arab Section
Gold Cup Competition.
Joan Gibson Equitation Challenge
The BSPS Rider of the Year.
BSPS In Hand Section
Ronnie Marmont Supreme
The Disneyworld Special Awards Championships.
BSPS Supreme Champion of 2002
Area Young Judges Competition.
Bye Laws.